Current projects:

ATHLETE exposome project (funding: EU, H2020), PI: M. Vrijheid, role: co-PI. Starting 2020.

QAMECS-MOBIL’AIR, Mobility and improvement of air quality (funding: COMUE Grenoble, ADEME, Grenoble Alpes Métropole)

GUMME, Endocrine disruptors, gut microbiota and neurodevelopment (funding: ANR).

Shalcoh (Short half-lived endocrine disruptors and health in Sépages cohort), role: PI (funding: ANR).

E-DOHaD (Environmentally-induced Developmental Origins of Health and Disease), role: PI (funding: European Research Council).

SEPAGES couple-child cohort, role: PI.

HELIX-Early-Life Exposome project, PI: M. Vrijheid, role: Work Package leader (funding: EU, FP7).

Some past projects:

ESCAPE (European Study of Cohorts of Air Pollution Effects), PI, B. Brunekreef, role: Leader of the Birth Outcomes working group (funding: EU, FP7).

Effects of early life exposure to phenols and phthalates, role: PI (funding: ANSES).

ENRIECO, Environmental European birth cohorts, role: WP leader.

Observatory of Fecundity in France (funding: ANR, ANSP).

Eden mother-child cohort, role: in charge of environmental exposures (funding: ANSES)

European Study of Partners of Pregnant Women, PI: N.E. Skakkebaek (funding: EU, FP6).