Welcome on the personal page of Rémy Slama, researcher in Environmental Epidemiology.

I am senior investigator at Inserm, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, where I chair the Public Health thematic Institute.

I am affiliated to IAB, a joint research center from Inserm, CNRS and University Grenoble Alpes located in Grenoble (France), where I co-lead the Team of Environmental Epidemiology.

My main research topics are:

  • Influence of Environmental factors, including the exposome, on human health
  • Methodological issues in environmental and reproductive epidemiology
  • Management of environmental risks
  • Temporal changes in human fecundity

(See publication list here).

In addition to my research, I had or have various expertise activities, including for the COVARS, the Scientific Committee of Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER, European Commission), ANSES and Santé Publique France.

In 2022, I held the Public Health professorship at Collège de France, where I lectured about the influence of environmental factors on human health at the Anthropocene era (the lectures are available here).